Putting the Pieces Together to Your Identity

by Julius Henderson

The Puzzlemaker

You try to strive for change in your life, you take all the steps you’re told to take, you have your goal clearly outlined and you’re working hard. So why isn’t it working? Could it be that the very foundation for those changes hasn’t been properly prepared to accommodate those changes in your life?


In The Puzzlemaker, you will learn what it means to go against the grain of what has shaped you for failure throughout your life. You will see what behaviors, mindsets and circumstances foster change and growth, and which ones keep you mired down in the current problems of everyday life. Your responses to change, your subconscious inclinations toward “normalcy” and the support your life has gained for conditions that discourage change are all at odds and are all working toward keeping you from moving forward. Get your copy of The Puzzlemaker today and make conscious, deliberate moves toward change and success in your life.